We help our clients improve their business results through helping their people answer the questions WHY?, WHAT? and HOW?

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Business Simulations

We build business simulation using data, customer behaviors, vocabulary, processes and policies of a specific industry. Participants in our business simulation will quickly adapt to the simulated surrounding and can focus on strategy, operations and learning.



Competitive Advantage Software Support

Competitive Advantage Software Support

As part of our excellence 2.0 initiative, we have upgraded the software support for Competitive Advantage Business Simulation. With the latest software, the facilitator can present not only financial statements and simple financial ratios, but...

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We help companies improve their performance throughout our expert consultants and using our specially designed instruments.

We design different consulting instruments tailored for the specific needs of the client. The portfolio consists of data simulations, board simulations, analysis maps, planning maps, strategy development maps. All of our tools and instruments help the client improve its performance.

We can divide our consulting in three general direction:

  1. Strategy consulting - we work with the top management of the company to define the strategic direction and the strategy;
  2. Strategy translation - we work with the middle managers to help them translate the strategy into operational plans and KPI‘s;
  3. Strategy implementation - we develop instruments for strategy implementation and work with the internal trainers and facilitators to enable them help their companies implement the strategy.


Regardless if your event is strategy retreat workshop, strategy translation seminar or educational seminar, our consultants can help you facilitate it.

We have a worldwide network of partners that can deliver your event in your language.

Our facilitators undergo a 3 step licensing process:

  1. Participants in a seminar - they learn the mechanics of the instruments;
  2. Co-facilitators of a seminar - they practice the facilitation; and
  3. Facilitators of a seminar with our presence and help - they master facilitation.

Through the 3 steps licensing process we can guarantee our clients excellence in execution.

Our consultants are experts in the respective industry/field.

Our clients can always choose the seminar to be facilitated by one of the authors of the simulation.

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